Cosy Homes in Lancashire
Cosy as can be

A group of 14 local authorities make up the Cosy Homes in Lancashire (CHiL) energy improvement scheme. From external wall insulation to new boilers, CHiL is addressing fuel poverty in the region and has assisted more than 7,000 households to date, focusing on the oldest properties in the most deprived areas. This is a rare example of a local authority contracting directly with energy companies to deliver the full range of energy efficiency measures.

A unique concept driven by Public Health and Energy Officers joining forces, CHiL’s major achievement has been to get all 14 local authorities and Lancashire County Council working together to subsidise energy efficiency measures for the most vulnerable households.

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Download the full case study PDF for this project:

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A street in the Bloomfield ward of Blackpool where the houses have been retro fitted with external wall insulation. Occasionally a household chooses not to have insulation, but most can see the benefits it will bring them
Jimmy has had his house retro fitted with external wall insulation and his fuel bills have reduced dramatically
New gas boilers have been bought in bulk to cut costs and used to replace storage heaters
Stuart Pye
Home Improvement and Energy Solutions Manager, Blackburn Council
Cosy Homes in Lancashire
Firefly Energi, 32 Winckley Square
PR1 3JJ Preston , Lancashire
United Kingdom