BURN Manufacturing, Kenya
Empowering women with new economic opportunities

BURN Manufacturing is helping improve the lives of women and girls in East Africa with its efficient charcoal-burning Jikokoa™ stove and employment opportunities. The stove itself represents a step-change in the design and efficiency of charcoal-burning cookstoves, dramatically improving the health and wellbeing of its users. As well as being an aspirational household product, it cuts down on smoke and soot by more than 60% compared to the widely used Kenya ceramic jiko, and significantly reduces the time spent cooking and collecting wood. But it’s not just women using the stoves who benefit. With all manufacture now done in a new state-of-the-art factory in Kenya, BURN emphasises that all jobs are open to both men and women at all levels – just over half of its workforce are women.

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March 2017 update

Burn Manufacturing just passed 250,000 stoves sold cumulatively including more than 100,000 last year. They've just launched a new wood-burning stove to offer a better solution for rural households and are also now making approx. 900 stoves per day.

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Boston Nyer and Hildah Wanjiku of BURN Manufacturing receiving its award from Baroness Verma of the Department for International Development
Veronica, one of the many women working at the BURN factory in Kenya.
The jikokoa (right) is the same size as a Kenyan ceramic jiko (left) but cooks faster and uses only half the amount of charcoal.
Mary cooking on a jikokoa at her home near Nairobi
Boston Nyer
Chief Product Officer
BURN Manufacturing
New Horizons Industrial Park Godowns 8 – 11
1921-00232 Ruiru