Barefoot Power Limited, global
Affordable solar products for the poor

The social for-profit enterprise Barefoot Power is rolling out a wide range of affordable solar power products at speed across Africa, brightening up the lives of those with limited or no access to grid power. Products range from single desk lamps to complete kits for use by  homes, clinics and schools. To reach large numbers of people, the company sets up and supports distributors in each country of operation, helping them build a sales and service network, and also works with microfinance organisations who can provide loans. So far Barefoot has sold more than 350,000 lanterns and lighting kits, transforming the lives of 1.7 million rural poor in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, India and the Americas.

2014 Update

Barefoot has now sold more than 607,000 lanterns and lighting kits, benefiting over 2.6 million people.

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Doing homework by the light of a solar-powered lamp
Barefoot Power entrepreneur
Barefoot entrepreneur making a sales demonstration
Joyce deMucci
Global marketing and business development manager
Barefoot Power Limited
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