Sharing success

To encourage the scaling up of local sustainable energy in the developing world, we share our knowledge and expertise and that of our winners with those who can bring about change.

In 2010 we established the Ashden India Collective which brings together previous Indian award winners to provide a networking forum and share best practice with policy makers. The Collective has a wealth of knowledge and experience in decentralised renewable energy which will steer energy policy towards improved energy access for millions of Indians. Already it has been invited to comment on India’s renewable energy plans and give policy recommendations how best to promote rural electrification.

We’re also partners of the Global Alliance for Clean Stoves which aims to expand the global market for clean stoves, calling for 100 million homes to adopt efficient stoves by 2020. Through this Alliance, we’re promoting the work of many previous award winners that have created innovative stove designs and want to contribute their expertise to this important global effort.