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Sharing success

Our UK winners are leading practitioners in their fields and exemplars of what really works. We encourage others to replicate and learn from their approaches. We do this by:

  • Promoting winners’ experience and learning to influential decisions makers and potential practitioners in the field through conferences, seminars and meetings.
  • Creating forums to debate and interact with policymakers and sitting on government advisory committees.
  • Carrying out research and analysis on sustainable energy.

'Green Deal' policy work

Working with partners, we’ve been helping shape the Government’s new energy efficiency programme, the Green Deal. Through working groups and on-going discussions with government, our winners have provided valuable input on delivering such a scheme - the finances; marketing and uptake; opportunities to create new green skills and jobs – by using their experience of having already successfully delivered smaller scale schemes.

Ashden Alumni Network

This forum brings together previous Award winners with a wide range of stakeholders through events and exchanges. The aim is to increase collaboration, learn from each other’s experience and influence UK policy by giving winners a stronger voice. Each year we hold a series of regional workshops for Ashden Alumni where participants discuss the most pressing energy issues and meet potential funders and policymakers. The workshops are helping winners forge partnerships and speak collectively.


In 2010 Ashden set up the Low Energy Sustainable Schools (LESS CO2) programme to build on the success of our Award winning schools. School winners have typically made their buildings more energy efficient; harnessed renewable energy; engaged the whole school community in energy-saving; and integrated sustainability throughout the curriculum. LESS CO2 brings these inspiring schools together with others who want to follow the sustainability route. Through four half-day workshops over a year led by previous Ashden Schools Award winners, the programme takes a group of 15 schools through the practical steps needed to reduce their energy use and carbon emissions, starting with an energy audit and supported throughout by one-to-one mentoring. Some schools are already sharing what they’ve learnt with neighbouring schools, tracking their energy use and celebrating savings they’ve made. Brookwood Primary school in Surrey cut carbon emissions by 50% in just six months, and gained a green ‘Eco Schools’ flag.