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Ashden reports

Lessons on supporting energy access enterprises

June 2014

This report, produced in partnership with Christian Aid, draws on interviews with energy enterprises and support providers to discover what kinds of support these enterprises need to survive and grow. The findings focus on finance and technical assistance, and the report recommends how donors, NGOs, technical assistance providers and policymakers can most effectively support enterprises providing access to energy.

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Enterprise: enabling energy access

June 2013

This short paper looks at some of the reasons why the enterprise approach of the 2013 Ashden finalists has made them so successful, and the key role that governments and development organisations have played in the process.

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Does energy access help women?
Beyond anecdotes: a review of the evidence.

August 2012

This brief report reviews the evidence from available studies on how gaining access to electricity and clean cooking impacts on women and girls.

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Carbon finance: A guide for sustainable energy enterprises and NGOs

December 2010

This guide provides a useful introduction for entrepreneurs interested in exploring carbon finance options in more detail. It sets out some of the key rules and criteria for qualifying for carbon finance, the steps and timescales involved and who to contact for further information and help.

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Power to our neighbourhoods: towards integrated local sustainable energy solutions

June 2010

This practical report draws on current best practice to show how we can cut energy bills, reduce CO2 emissions, create jobs and help secure our energy future by scaling up and replicating local sustainable energy programmes.

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End-user finance: a guide for sustainable energy enterprises and NGOs

April 2009

Learn about the concept of end-user finance, the key issues involved in providing people with finance to buy sustainable energy products and services, and read the authors’ recommendations on how to develop an end-user finance strategy.

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Investment: a guide for sustainable energy enterprises and NGOs

March 2010

This simple guide demystifies investment for sustainable energy enterprises or NGOs that are seeking to start or expand their activities. It explains why investment is necessary, what different financing options are available and how to go about getting it.

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Stoking up a cookstove revolution

June 2009

Traditional stoves make kitchens deathtraps for 3 billion of the world’s most vulnerable people, with a staggering 1.6 million dying annually from the pollution they create. This report shows how clean cookstoves are a secret weapon in the fight against poverty and climate change.

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Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy – From practice to policy

November 2008

What can our government do to help sustainable energy to become part of the fabric of communities across the UK? Drawing on the in-depth knowledge and practical experience of previous Ashden Award winners, this short briefing paper makes recommendations for policymakers. Written with the Institute of Public Policy Research.

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Wood: today’s heating fuel

November 2008

This brief report describes how increasing the use of wood fuel in the UK can contribute to achieving our carbon reduction targets. It sets out how to make the best use of wood-fuelled heating and calls on the government support to help increase the rate of growth of wood fuel in the sector.

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Scaling up low-carbon energy for the poor: Learning from the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy

June 2008

This report shown the potential for small and medium enterprises to provide sustainable energy access to poor households at significant scale, using improved stoves, biogas systems, solar home electrical systems, lanterns, water pumps, and better-built homes. It was commissioned by the Department for International Development (DFID) and carried out by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).

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