Photo: the 2012 International winners

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Barefoot Power

Flexible solar products for the poor

A Barefoot Power entrepreneur at work

Demonstrating how to use a Barefoot Power lamp

Solar-powered homework


Community-owned micro hydro

A new radio station offers vital links to the outside world for remote communities in Indonesia

A relief valve, penstock and power house

IBEKA's renewable energy model is creating new livelihood opportunities for women


Protecting health - and Cambodia’s forests

Children's lives are being saved through this simple device

Making the filters

Water is typically boiled using wood and charcoal, damaging health and destroying Cambodia's forests


Brighter prospects for rural Afghanistan

A harsh winter - but abundant water resources

Mohammed Amir with hydro powered plane

Adjusting the blade angle of Feyzabad's hydro turbine


Enabling the poor to make informed energy choices

A new pico hydro installation

Rolling bidis by kerosene light in Dolpadi

Women pilgrims at Dharmasthala


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