Photos: the 2011 International winners

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Abellon CleanEnergy Ltd

Gujarat, India

Chipping crop waste in the field, Gurjarat.

Sifting cumin to separate seeds from the waste which will be used to make biomass pellets, Gujarat.

Abellon pellet plant at Changodar, near Ahmedabad, India.

Aga Khan Planning and Building Service


Efficient stoves cook, heat water and warm homes in Northern Pakistan.

Stoves are made locally providing income for small businesses.

Joiner making roof hatches, Gilgit, Pakistan.

Husk Power

Bihar, India

Filling a gasifier plant with rice husk, Tamkuha, Bihar.

Husk provides training to increase uptake of gasifier technology.

Houses in rural Bihar are made of highly flammable materials; fires from kerosene lamps are all too frequent.

Toyola Energy Ltd


Making the body of a Toyola stove.

Cooking on Toyola stoves, Ghana.

Users put the savings made on charcoal into the money boxes provided by Toyola to pay back their loans.

ToughStuff International

UK and Africa

ToughStuff's cheap, adaptable solar kits are sold by retailers both large and small.

Banking by mobile is crucial for many in Africa. Being able to charge your phone quickly and cheaply makes this much easier.

ToughStuff's solar kits are sold by rural entrepreneurs enabling them to earn an income while bringing power to those who need it most.


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