Influencing policy

We provide a voice for the sustainable energy sector, drawing on the knowledge and insights of our winners. We also help bring our winners together so they can be more effective at influencing change.
2014 Ashden Conference

Global advocacy towards energy for all

To accelerate the growth of sustainable energy we build partnerships with international bodies to share our knowledge and expertise, and that of our winners, with those who can bring about fundamental change.

In India, where around one fifth of the population lacks access to clean, safe energy, the Ashden India Renewable Energy Collective brings together all our Indian Award winners to help steer government energy policy towards building a more sustainable future for everyone in the country.

We are active members of the Sustainable Energy For All Practitioner Network, which works to promote dialogue and knowledge sharing among energy access practitioners across the globe. By doing so we hope to help advance the UN’s ambitious goal of achieving universal energy access by 2030.

We’re also partners of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, which aims to expand the global market for clean stoves. Through this Alliance, we’re promoting the work of many previous award winners with innovative technologies and business models that can be scaled up throughout the developing world, improving health and conserving precious forests.

Promoting a low-carbon economy in the UK

Our vision for the UK is a thriving green economy, bringing jobs and economic regeneration to communities, tackling fuel poverty and increasing business efficiency by reducing fuel costs.

To move closer to this vision we work in partnership with other organisations to encourage the scaling up of the sustainable energy sector and advocate for the government to provide a stable investment climate for the sector.

This includes work on policy issues with the Ashden Alumni Network, where we aim to influence UK policy by giving winners a stronger voice. We are also a member of the Community Energy Coalition. This group was formed 2011 to work together to help make community energy at scale in the UK a reality by 2020.