Fit for the Future

In 2012 the National Trust won an Ashden Gold Award for its impressive work to cut its energy use across its Welsh properties by 41%. Following the win, the National Trust and Ashden have been working together on a solution-based network for property and land-owning organisations that want to reduce energy use. Welcome to Fit for the Future.
Chatsworth House visit

Through sharing knowledge and collaboration, Fit for the Future enables practitioners to improve their environmental impact, become more energy efficient and reduce their energy bills.

The mission is to ensure that all organisations are sharing best practice to become more sustainable. There are currently more than 80 members including RNLI, The Crown Estate, the Youth Hostel Association, Tate and Oxfam GB.

"Through membership of the Fit for the Future network the RNLI has been able to share our knowledge and learn from others, enabling us to be more energy efficient and reduce costs. Being able to talk to practitioners from charities that share common challenges is really helpful. Likewise, links to organisations from a wide spectrum of sectors helps ensure we stay up to date with innovation, future thinking and potential solutions."

Alan Pardon, Finance and Corporate Strategy Director, RNLI.

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