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49 results
Organisation and country Award-winning work
Azuri Technologies, UK and Africa Pay-as-you-go solar power for homes
Award year: 2013
Tags: business, finance, microfinance, solar photovoltaics, solar-home-system
Monodraught Ltd, High Wycombe, UK Innovative ventilation and cooling system
Award year: 2013
Tags: buildings-cooling, buildings-sustainable, business, energy efficiency
WWF-DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo Clean cookstoves to help protect forests
Award year: 2013
Tags: business, charcoal, cooking stoves, deforestation, health, not-for-profit organisation
Barefoot Power Limited, Africa Affordable solar products for the poor
Award year: 2012
Tags: business, solar lantern, solar-home-system
GIZ and INTEGRATION, Afghanistan Brighter prospects in rural Afghanistan
Award year: 2012
Tags: business, income generation, micro-hydro, mini-grid, not-for-profit organisation
iDE and Hydrologic, Cambodia Protecting health – and Cambodia’s forests
Award year: 2012
Tags: business, deforestation, health, microfinance, water supply
liftshare, UK A friendlier, greener and cheaper way to travel
Award year: 2012
Tags: behaviour change, business, sustainable travel
Parity Projects, London, UK A rational approach to retrofit advice
Award year: 2012
Tags: buildings-insulation, business, energy efficiency, training
Abellon CleanEnergy, India Crop waste clears the air
Award year: 2011
Tags: biomass pellets, business, crop residues, income generation, training
Husk Power Systems, India 21st century living arrives in Bihar
Award year: 2011
Tags: business, crop residues, gasification, job creation, lighting, mini-grid
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