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9 results
Organisation and country Award-winning work
Centre for Sustainable Energy Tackling fuel poverty and influencing policy
Award year: 2014
Tags: advice, buildings-insulation, energy efficiency, fuel poverty
National Energy Action, Newcastle, UK Training the foot soldiers of the green energy revolution
Award year: 2013
Tags: behaviour change, buildings-insulation, energy efficiency, fuel poverty, training
National Trust, Wales Conserving energy and our heritage
Award year: 2012
Tags: behaviour change, biomass heating, buildings-insulation, energy efficiency, micro-hydro, solar photovoltaics
University Hospital of South Manchester, UK Britain’s greenest hospital spends money on services not energy
Award year: 2012
Tags: behaviour change, biomass heating, energy efficiency
Energy Agency, Ayrshire, Scotland Community fund improves energy efficiency of homes
Award year: 2008
Tags: buildings-insulation, fuel poverty, solar water heating, wind turbines
Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire, UK Continually improving efficiency in a large housing stock
Award year: 2008
Tags: buildings-insulation, fuel poverty, government
ENWORKS partnership, Manchester, UK Promoting energy efficiency in businesses
Award year: 2007
Tags: behaviour change, buildings-insulation, business, energy efficiency, not-for-profit organisation
SWEA, Gloucestershire, UK Energy efficiency improving health and comfort
Award year: 2006
Tags: buildings-insulation, fuel poverty, health, not-for-profit organisation
Centre for Sustainable Energy, Bristol, UK Working towards a world where sustainability is second nature
Award year: 2005
Tags: behaviour change, buildings-insulation, education, fuel poverty, not-for-profit organisation