Volts for Women

By Julia Hawkins, Ashden PR and Digital Media Manager

Image: Jerry Barnett/SolarAid

In the 21st century, providing food and light for your family shouldn’t mean gambling with your life. But that's exactly what more than a third of women around the world are doing when they use wood, coal, charcoal or animal dung for cooking, or kerosene lamps for lighting.

Find out why it's time to Give Women Power

Ashden Founder Director Sarah Butler-Sloss explains why in the developing world, women are worse affected than men by lack of access to clean cooking and electricity, and why it's time to give women power.

Listen to our Woman's Hour interview

Listen to Ashden's Anne Wheldon and clean cookstoves pioneer Neja Juneja talk to BBC Woman's Hour about the need for cleaner cooking for women in the developing world. Listen here.

Ashden Clean Energy for Women and Girls Award

On 22 May we’ll also be presenting an Ashden Award to an organisation that has made a significant difference in improving the lives of women and girls through clean energy. The finalists for the Ashden Clean Energy for Women and Girls Award are Greenway Grameen and Sakhi Unique Rural Enteprise (SURE), both of which are working in India. 

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