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Guest blogger
By Ann Noon, PR and Digital Media Manager
New London Architecture’s Chairman Peter Murray talks to us about sustainable buildings, energy efficiency and the NLA Ashden Prize. 
Guest blogger
By Mike Pepler, Ashden UK Awards Manager
The New London Awards recognise the very best new architecture, planning and development in the capital, and this year include a special Ashden Prize which focuses on the energy efficiency of the buildings submitted. Out of several hundred applicants to the Awards, five outstanding projects across different sectors have been shortlisted.
Guest blogger
By Victoria Charleston, Policy and Research Officer, Ashden
Candidates in the London mayoral election have all offered up a vision of a sustainable, healthy London. Whoever is elected could learn a thing or two from the vast wealth of experience of previous Ashden Award winners and current finalists.
Simon Brammer
By Simon Brammer, Ashden UK Programme Manager
Joined-up thinking is needed to help tackle fuel poverty, cut carbon emissions and ease the pressure on the NHS, says Simon Brammer.
Julia Hawkins
By Julia Hawkins, Ashden PR and Digital Media Manager
The 2015 Ashden UK Awards will highlight innovative solutions to the challenges of energy storage, energy demand management and energy efficiency. Here's why.
Jo Walton
By Jo Walton, Ashden Head of Communications and Deputy Director
Knowing the Ashden Award-winning work of the National Trust in Wales and Infosys in India, I’m familiar with the concept of retrofitting buildings, even hard-to-treat heritage properties, to make them more energy efficient. I wasn’t expecting to encounter it when I visited one of the world’s most iconic buildings in New York earlier this summer.
Mike Pepler
By Mike Pepler, Ashden UK Awards Manager
More than a third of UK greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings, so it’s vital to make sure that new buildings are efficient. But construction itself also causes emissions, so it is important that building materials have low ‘embodied’ emissions, as well as reducing emissions in use.
Sarah Butler-Sloss
By Sarah Butler-Sloss, Ashden Founder Director
This week, the biggest ever fuel poverty campaign in UK history, the Energy Bill Revolution, is organising a week-long programme of action designed to raise awareness at the highest political levels of the energy crisis facing the country.