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Thursday, 21 January 2010

On the road in Devon and Cornwall

Last week Simon, the manager of our UK support programme, spent several days visiting two past Ashden Award winners in Devon and Cornwall. These are just two examples from the Southwest of communities and enterprises tackling environmental and economic challenges with innovative and inspiring solutions. By identifying key areas of need and including their views and experiences into our current research, the aim of this visit was to ensure we continue to build a strong programme of support for our UK award winners.

Kensa Engineering was Simon’s first stop. Kensa Engineering, designs, manufactures, and tests heat pump systems for installation throughout the UK. Most are small-scale ground-source heat pumps (up to 32 kW), which are supplied in kit form so that they can be installed by non-specialist plumbers and builders. Set in an old tin mine, Simon had the chance to visit and view Kensa’s manufacturing process first hand. Kensa’s offices themselves, entirely heated by ground source heating, were an example of how old buildings can be retrofitted to use a more sustainable energy system. Cornwall has a high number of “hard to treat” properties that are either off the grid or have solid walls making them difficult to insulate and heat. Ground source heating has the potential to provide an alternative solution for some of these issues through providing locally sourced energy.

Simon’s second visit was to Community Energy Plus (CEP) . This organisation is tackling the financial challenges of inefficient energy usage. CEP runs the Home Health programme which provides free energy efficiency advice and efficiency measures to communities in deprived areas of Cornwall. This has significant and long-term impacts on households for whom over 10% of their income is spent on fuel, reducing both energy use and fuel poverty.

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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Kensa features on BSN

Kensa, one of the 2008 Ashden Award winners, have featured on British Satellite News. A nine and half minute video has been produced, going into detail about the company and their ground source heat pump technology, including a clip from the Ashden Awards ceremony.

Here's the video:

(If you can't see the video, view it by clicking here)

The transcript is available here.
Friday, 20 June 2008

UK winners of world’s leading green energy prize announced

The UK winners of the world’s leading green energy awards were announced last night, in recognition of their ground-breaking work in addressing fuel poverty, cutting carbon emissions and making renewable energy more accessible.

With escalating fuel prices and widespread concern over climate change, the inspiring work of these charities, companies, schools and local authorities shows how high levels of CO2 from heating, lighting and powering buildings can be reduced, and give savings on fuel bills. This year’s Ashden Awards winners are rolling out energy efficiency schemes for homes, saving energy in workplaces, boosting the market for renewable energy and making their schools sustainable.

The UK winners were presented with their prizes at the Ashden Awards ceremony tonight at the Royal Geographical Society in London, alongside prize-winners from Africa, Asia and Latin America. Handing out the awards, Sir David King, former chief scientific advisor to the government, said: “I’ve had my spirits raised by what I’ve seen here at the Ashden Awards. Climate change is the biggest challenge we have ever had to face. We need individual actions like these.”

The Ashden Awards is a UK-based charity that works to increase the use of local sustainable energy worldwide. They find, reward, and publicise the work of leading sustainable energy programmes working in the UK and across the developing world.

The UK winners were: Kensa Engineering Ltd – manufacturing easy to install heat pumps; Leeds City Council – saving around 88,000 tonnes a year of CO2 through its energy efficiency work; Global Action Plan – training workplace teams to get energy-saving messages across to over 86,000 employees; and Ringmer Community College – saving over £14,000 a year through energy saving and using renewable energy.

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