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Monday, 30 December 2013

David Fulford visits biogas NGO SKG Sangha in Eygpt

By Dr David Fulford, Ashden Assessor

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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Technologies changing the face of energy: biogas projects in Asia and Africa

BSP Nepal - 2005 Ashden Award winner
(pic: cooking on biogas in Nepal)

In the first of a new series, Carla Jones highlights some impressive biogas projects in Asia and Africa.

The way biogas works is quite simple: take an airtight container (usually a brick chamber under the ground), fill it with some organic matter (manure, human waste or kitchen waste are the most common), and let the bacteria break it down. What comes out is biogas, that can be burned for cooking. The residue is a nutrient-rich fertilizer for crops.

Typically, a single fixed-dome biogas system is made from brick and sits underground. Many of our winners, though, have taken this design further. VK-NARDEP has developed a small bamboo-framed model, ARTI has designed a ‘balcony’ digester for apartments, and KIST in Rwanda has built a system of five interlocking chambers.
KIST - 2005 Ashden Award winner

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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Best Ashden Moments 2010: Jo picks seeing the installation of a biogas plant in India

For the seventh in our end-of-year series, where members of the Ashden team choose favourite moments from the year, Jo Walton, head of communications, picks her trip to India and seeing the installation of a biogas plant at SKG Sangha.

For me it was visiting India and seeing some of our winners' work in action. After five years at the Ashden Awards, to actually see this work on the ground really making a difference, was incredibly inspiring.

It was wonderful to be there when they were the building a biogas plant at SKG Sangha! But I also saw SELCO's solar home systems lighting up people's homes and TIDE's solar greenhouses providing fresh food and an income for women and children. The trip was a great privilege.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Putting the D into the CDM: Acquiring Carbon Finance for Development Projects

This post is to publicise a workshop that Gold Standard Project Developer CarbonAided, the Hedon Household Energy Network and Imperial College are holding on 15th June 2009

CarbonAided is helping Ashden Award winner SKG Sangha to access carbon finance to build bio-digesters to supply the cooking needs of 20,000 families in rural India
Later this year a landmark UN meeting will be held in Copenhagen to determine how the World will continue to combat global warming when the current regulatory period, under the Kyoto Protocol, ends in 2012. Many features of global carbon policy after 2012 have yet to be finalised, however policy makers in both the industrialised and developing world are emphasising that the Clean Development Mechanism will continue but must be improved to genuinely promote investment in projects that have real sustainable development benefits for the world’s poor.

The sentiments of UN policy makers and existing EU climate regulations have created a significant growth in demand and premium prices for credits created by projects with real social benefits, such as Gold Standard projects. Both the voluntary and compliance carbon markets have seen a growth in carbon finance available for development projects, as buyers demonstrate a preference for credits created by projects with identifiable positive social impacts.

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Friday, 16 January 2009

Financing domestic biogas plants

In October 2008 there was an international workshop on this topic, held in Bangkok and sponsored by the Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV).

Several past Ashden Award winners were at the workshop, including:
The proceedings, hosted by the HEDON website, are now available, click here to download them.

The conclusion notes that the provision of transparent and direct financial incentives to rural farmers is a key factor in the uptake of biogas plants in SNV projects, where the finance is only available for plants that meet the required quality standards. The provision of subsidies and/or credit specifically for biogas plants is needed because they don't offer a way of earning income, but instead offer the user a chance to reduce costs, so allowing them to afford to repay the money loaned.
Friday, 1 August 2008

SKG Sangha wins competition

SKG Sangha, who won an Ashden Award in 2007 for their work with biogas plants that also produced good quality compost, recently won $5000 in a Case Study Competition, run by the Bordeaux Energy Colloquium - see their page on Facebook for details.

Mr Sagar, of SKG Sangha, said:
If we use this money for our projects, your contribution will not be reflected anywhere. Whereas, you are giving us this money as a token of appreciation which we want to be in a memorable shape. Hence, we shall use the money as part finance for our proposed training centre planned to train our beneficiaries, staff, students etc. We shall write your name as part funders for this training centre by that the contribution given by you will be visible for the years to come.

As part of our work we have to train each and every beneficiary on the running, maintenance of our units provided to the beneficiaries. We also can use the same facility to train the students who are coming to us for training from various Indian and foreign Universities as part of their Engineering/agricultural/s
ocial work. We also can use this facility for training our staff as well as staff from Government or other Institutions. The estimation for the training centre is about $40000. Last year we received £10,000 as prize money from Ashden Awards, London.

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Saturday, 17 May 2008

New SKG Sangha website

SKG Sangha has launched a new website, which can be viewed here:
Tuesday, 13 May 2008

SKG Sangha wins Mother Theresa Excellence Award

SKG Sangha has been awarded the 'Mother Teresa Excellence Award'. The award was presented by Mr. M V Rajasekharan, a former minister in Government of India at a function in Bangalore on 24 May 2008.
Monday, 12 May 2008

More news from SKG Sangha

SKS Sangha writes:
SKG Sangha has been approached by M/s KRISH COW FARMS & DAIRY PRODUCTS LTD, Mauritius recently to explore whether we can work for their projects in Mauritius. The team of 4 directors from Krish Farm has visited the office of Sangha at Kolar. They visited some of the installations by SKG Sangha. Now the team from Mauritius has offered us to take up work in Mauritius. We are preparing to send a team from SKG Sangha to Mauritius to take up work of installations and impart the technical knowhow to M/S. KRISH COW FARMS & DAIRY PRODUCTS LTD, Mauritius.

I trust that this is news for Ashden awards family as an Ashden Winner is taking up work in a foreign country.
Read more about SKG Sangha on the Ashden Awards website.