Shining a light through the darkness at ‘Life without Lights’

Our unique photo exhibition ‘Life without Lights’ is open to the public all week at the Strand Gallery, London.  It tells the story of what life is like without electricity in remote villages in Northern Ghana. To hit home what it’s like, we are handing visitors a solar lamp to guide them through the darkened gallery.

Here are some of their reactions:

“I was astounded, peering at those photos, angling the small lamps to see the photos better. It really made me think about what it must feel like relying on just torchlight to see each night.” Anne

“I had never thought about the fact that teachers leave the  villages they work in and don’t come back for days on end because they only have electricity in their city homes.” Tabitha

“I’ve spent time living in India and remember just how awful kerosene can be. Once I was standing outside a home using kerosene and the fumes were so strong I remember them giving me a headache all through the next day – it really is an awful fuel.” Emma

“It was great to get that interactive element from using the solar lamps, it was a real learning experience”. Steve