Use a solar lamp at our exhibition 'Life without Lights'

Ever thought about how much light you need to power your life? Award-winning American photographer Peter DiCampo visited Northern Ghana to find out just how hard it is to live without access to something we take for granted. His images give insight into the experience of the 1.4 billion people who currently live without electricity; people relying on candles, kerosene lanterns or torches to carry out daily activities.
We are excited to be presenting his illuminating images in a unique exhibition in London next month. Visitors will be handed a solar lamp to light their way through the darkened gallery and see what it’s like to live without lights.
The exhibition will also highlight how the sustainable energy solutions offered by Ashden Award winners can lift people out of poverty and into the modern world.
At the start of the UN International Year of Sustainable Energy for All this will be a very timely event raising awareness of a critical issue and some simple solutions.
Exhibition runs from 6 -12 February 2012 11am – 6pm at The Strand Gallery. Members of the Ashden team will be on-hand to answer your questions.
For more insight into Peter Di Campo view his website.
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Connect on Twitter using hashtag #lifewithoutlights.