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Julia Hawkins
By Julia Hawkins, Ashden PR and Digital Media Manager
A fascinating RSA report published in December said we all have a responsibility as green practitioners to help shift the debate away from arguing whether or not climate change exists, and whose fault it is – to the solutions.
Simon Brammer
By Simon Brammer, Ashden UK Programme Manager
If I asked you to give me £100 and guaranteed to give you £400 back six months later, would you accept my offer? This is the kind of return on investment that LED light bulbs offer. So why aren't more people switching to low-energy bulbs?
Guest blogger
By Richard Griffiths, Business Development Manager, Parity Projects
We won our Ashden award in 2012, at a time when there was a great deal going on in the home energy efficiency market. With the Green Deal on the horizon, it was a vital time for us to make our mark and to make sure that we weren’t swept away by the entry of a number of big companies into the sector.
Ashden news
Shortlists have been announced for the 2014 Ashden Awards, which uncover and champion the most exciting low-carbon enterprises and programmes in the UK and developing world.
Emma-Louise Frost
By Emma-Louise Frost, Ashden Communications Officer
Here in the Ashden comms team we’ve put together a list of our top 10 influential sustainable energy tweeters that we’ve been following in 2013 – we thought you might find it useful.
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