I wanted to create an experience that people would remember

Photographer Peter DiCampo has just finished a busy week exhibiting ‘Life without Lights’ in partnership with Ashden at the Strand Gallery in London. Now, with time to reflect, I had a chance to ask Peter what he felt about the event and explore what he is looking at next.

Listen to some of his thoughts on the impact of giving people solar lamps to view the darkened exhibition:


Peter DiCampo - the impact of using solar lights to view my exhibition (mp3)


Showing  his images of people living in energy poverty alongside a view of solutions from Ashden winners upstairs was new experience for Peter. Here he describes how valuable that has been:


Peter DiCampo - working with Ashden for "Life without Lights" (mp3)


Finally, Peter talks about what’s happened in these Northern Ghanaian villages since he left, and what his next projects will be.


Peter DiCampo - what has happened to the villages since I left / a role for renewables (mp3)

Peter DiCampo - my next photography project (mp3)