2014 Ashden Travel Award winners

Our travel award winners in 2014 identified the barriers to choosing low-carbon transport and found brilliant ways of overcoming them. Ecotricity’s Electric Highway allows people to make long journeys in their electric cars, while Tisséo-SMTC in Toulouse has cleverly woven together sustainable travel journeys.
As well as providing the electricity pumps, Ecotricity also provide the sustainable energy.


Electric vehicles powered by electricity generated from renewable sources will be an integral part of our low-carbon future. Eco entrepreneur and founder of Ecotricity Dale Vince has decided to kick-start demand for electric vehicles by creating a new ‘Electric Highway’ – a network of fast charging points across the UK motorway network. This has eliminated one of the biggest barriers to uptake of electric vehicles: the limited distance it’s possible to travel before having to re-charge. By the end of 2014 there will be Ecotricity fast charging points at every motorway service station in Britain, marking a huge leap forward on the road to decarbonised travel.

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Attractive new tram lines run along grassy areas next to cycle paths.


Tisser means ‘to weave’ in French, and Tisséo has done just that – the Toulouse transport operator has woven together a comprehensive web of sustainable transport options to create a model low-carbon travel network. Aside from expanding and improving the public transport network, it works with businesses to help them incentivise employees to use more sustainable forms of transport. What’s more, smart travelcards can be used across the whole transport network, including bicycle hire and storage as well as for buses and car parking. These measures combined have resulted in a phenomenal 80 percent increase in public transport journeys.

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