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2013 Eurostar Ashden Awards for Sustainable Travel winners

The showcase tram in Koning Albertlaan in Ghent

De Lijn – Project Meettram (Measuring Tram)

Improved heating system on trams reduces energy bills

After detailed monitoring of a test tram, engineers at Flanders bus and tram operator De Lijn discovered that more than half the energy needed to operate a tram on cold winter days came not from getting passengers from A to B, but keeping them warm.

The company has since modified its tramcars by installing simple energy management technologies to cut down on energy used for heating, while CO2 sensors monitor air quality in the tram to ensure that fresh air is drawn in and heated up only when necessary.

With a resulting 20% reduction in tram energy use, the same technology is being fitted to 84 existing trams in Antwerp and 41 in Ghent, and is being specified on all new trams as well as Flanders’ electric bus fleet.

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The Connect 2 programme has provided new travel routes for cyclists


Extending the National Cycle Network

Persuading people to make everyday journeys by foot or bike is key to cutting congestion and improving health and happiness. Segregated cycle lanes and other infrastructure can help break down some of the barriers, as sustainable travel charity Sustrans knows: it has just completed a five-year programme to extend the National Cycle Network into the heart of our communities.

Some 84 new schemes have been created, bringing four million people to within a mile of a safer, greener transport route. With new routes that link schools, hospitals and town centres to existing cycling routes and the National Cycling Network, walking or cycling is becoming a safe, pleasant and healthy choice: early results show that it has more than trebled on some new routes.

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The West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network is helping commuters kick their car habit

Metro: West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network

Helping commuters kick their car habits

With around one billion trips made in West Yorkshire every year, the daily commute can be stressful and expensive. Yet emotional attachments to cars can be hard to break.

The West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network is working with 186 member companies people to offer its combined 200,000-strong workforce a wide range of incentives to kick their car habits... The Network also provides its members with free, tailored advice on anything from setting up state-of-the-art facilities for cyclists to promoting car sharing.

With car commuting now 27% less than the national average, WYTPN is helping its members reduce their carbon footprint as well as taking cars off the roads.

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Stagecoach used a sophisticated marketing campaign to boost bus use

Stagecoach ‘Where you want to be’

Sophisticated marketing boosts bus use

In the UK, some 240 billion miles are driven by car, increasing congestion, wasting energy and polluting our air. Stagecoach’s sophisticated ‘Where you want to be’ telemarketing campaign offers a greener alternative.

Using detailed postcode mapping to target people most likely to shift from car to bus, the bus and coach operator gives people information on the bus routes they could use and lets people test their local services for free. The result has been a sustained increase in bus use among former car drivers: since the beginning of its programme in 2003, more than 120,000 new Stagecoach customers have been persuaded to try its bus services - 70% of whom have become regular bus users.

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