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Why enter?

  • Prize money of £10,000; one UK Gold Award of £15,000
  • National media exposure
  • Access to new networks and investors
  • Tailored support help you expand your work

What are we looking for?

We are focusing on work to reduce and manage demand for energy. In particular, we’re looking for pioneering enterprises and programmes that are demonstrating achievement in any of the following areas:

  • Sustainable buildings: working on new low energy-use buildings or reducing energy use in existing buildings, including homes, commercial and public sectors.
  • Supplying heat from low-carbon energy sources: Supplying renewable heat by manufacturing, financing or installing technology.
  • Sustainable communities: both community-owned renewable energy and energy efficiency for homes, public buildings or businesses.
  • Increasing the generation of renewable electricity: Working with technologies such as solar, wind, hydro or wave power, managing grid exports and financial innovation.
  • Developing smart grid and energy storage technology: Working with technology to make the national grid smarter and more resilient, for example demand response and energy storage.

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“Being around so many fantastic people at the Awards ceremony and receiving so many messages of support was humbling. Since winning our Award we’ve seen an increase of nearly 30% in people investing via our platform. We look forward to continuing to work together to make energy and finance more sustainable!”
Karl Harder, Managing Director, Abundance Generation (Winner, 2014 UK Ashden Gold Award)

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