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Be recognised as sustainable energy trailblazer and join the elite group of Ashden alumni.

The application process for 2017 is now closed, register your interest for the 2018 Awards here

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Why enter?

  • Prize money of up to £20,000 per Award
  • National and international media exposure
  • Tailored support to help you expand your work
  • Access to new networks and investors

What are we looking for?

We are looking for pioneering enterprises and programmes demonstrating achievement in any of the following areas:

  • Increasing energy access for homes or businesses: Increasing energy access to those that have limited or no access by providing renewable energy products or services.
  • Sustainable buildings: Improving energy use in urban buildings, including residential, commercial and public buildings.
  • Developing innovative financial mechanisms or business models for delivering sustainable energy: Organisations providing innovative financial mechanisms or using innovative business to expand access to sustainable energy products or services.
  • Sustainable travel: Innovative enterprises or programmes that are improving access to sustainable travel, encouraging the use of more sustainable modes of travel or using technology to enable more efficient fuel use.
  • Improving the lives of women and girls through sustainable energy: Enterprises or programmes that are providing sustainable energy to women and girls as beneficiaries and creating employment or income-generating activities, or involving them in the supply chain. We are also interested in work benefiting refugees and internally displaced women and girls.
  • Sustainable energy and water: Enterprises or programmes using sustainable energy technologies to deliver increased access to safe and affordable drinking water; or water for agricultural production; or adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene.
  • Powering business: Enterprises or programmes which provide or use clean energy or energy efficiency in the provision of goods and services through business activities, for example in the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors.

Read our detailed eligibility criteria and find out more

“The Ashden Award has helped us be recognised among an exquisite group of entrepreneurs, providing us a platform to connect with donors, partners, policy makers, and the larger global community. With the Ashden Award, we forsee an incredible ability to scale our work and truly empower women in energy.”
Ajaita Shah, Founder and CEO of Frontier Markets

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