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Ashden: sustainable solutions, better lives

About Ashden

We live in a world where 1.5 billion people lack access to modern forms of electricity and 3 billion cook on smoky inefficient stoves and outdoor fires while in the industrialised world our dependence on fossil fuels and our inefficient use of energy is threatening energy security, raising the price of energy and damaging the planet. To address these challenges, Ashden promotes universal access to sustainable energy. In the UK we promote local sustainable energy and a shift to a low carbon economy bringing green jobs, energy security, lower fuel bills and reduced fuel poverty.

Through the Ashden Awards, we champion some of the world’s best green trailblazers then help them accelerate their work through the Ashden UK and International support programmes. We advocate on behalf of our winners to inspire the wider take-up of clean technologies and alternative business models that make them affordable to all.

Collectively our winners have transformed the lives of around 37 million people. From solar lamps in India, to smoke-free stoves in Ethiopia and low-carbon communities in the UK, we’ve worked with over 150 award winners whose solutions light the way to a better and more sustainable future.

What we do

Ashden Awards We reward high calibre, pioneering enterprises in the UK and developing world that share our vision of sustainable energy for all. At our annual Awards ceremony, prize-winners receive not just cash but global exposure and a tailored package of support to help them grow.

Ashden Support Working with expert partners, we leverage support to drive our UK and International winners forward: from mentoring, business and technical guidance to introductions to finance.

Advocacy and Research Through the Ashden UK and Ashden international programmes, we give Ashden Award winners the opportunity to meet policymakers to discuss energy policy and how to accelerate the uptake of sustainable energy. We make sure that their insights and know-how shape future policy and practice by organising high-level forums on the big energy debates and producing research to showcase their work.

Spreading the word To inspire others to act, we help our Award winners share their experience and knowledge of the sustainable energy sector through activities such as LESS CO2, and events like the Ashden Conference and seminars.

Knowledge Centre To share best practice, we produce detailed case studies about the work of Ashden Award winners and information about the technologies they use, along with evidence-based research and analysis. This information, along with videos and photos are all available in our easy to use Knowledge Centre.

Media We have a rich online resource of inspiring videos and photos about our winners and their solutions, along with the Ashden Blog and news on sustainable energy. We also use social media –Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr- to engage with new audiences and join in current debates.